How Chef La’s Fish Fry (Atlanta) came to be…

Our Story

At any rate, her comment to him broke the ice and he (Lakee or La) decided to say something to Shamika. The conversation proceeded as follows:

Lakee: Hi there…Where are you from?

Shamika: I’m from New York…the boogie down boo! (with her southern twang)

Lakee: Uh, No you’re not. For real, where are you all from?

Shamika: I’m from Atlanta but live in NY – Harlem. My family is visiting from Tampa and Atlanta.

Lakee: Oh yea, I used to live in Atlanta for a while. I’m back in Brooklyn now.

Shamika: Oh yea, I used to live in Brooklyn.

Lakee: What part?

Shamika: Winthrop Ave.

Lakee: Oh yea. Well if you lived over there, you probably had some of my fish during the concerts at Wingate. I’m an Executive Chef and have a mobile fish fry business.

Shamika: Naw – I loooovvvvvve fish so I would have remembered having some of your fish in that area. Fish fry…mobile fish business…Hmmmmm…Wait a minute!!!

Shamika Reminiscing To Lakee: I met a guy over a year ago in Atlanta. Iwas at one of my favorite fish restaurants – where I always go to get fish when I am in Atlanta. This guy mentioned that New York had the best fish. I immediately told him that I live in NY and it does not have the best fish. The fish is not seasoned right, has too much pepper…I have to come to Atlanta to get good fish. He then says to me, you must be crazy…you have to get in touch with my friend – he has a mobile fish business and he has the best fish. I will give you his number so that you can reach out when you are in New York. Blah Blah Blah…

Shamika (Overly Excited): Can you just give me your phone number!!!

Lakee: 777-9311

Shamika: (while pressing the correct digits and pushing send on phone): OMG!!!!!!!! Your number is already saved in my phone! Is it “Lake”? (while showing him the phone)

Lakee: Ugh, No, it has 2 E’s…It’s L-A- K-E- E

Shamika: That was your friend I met over a year ago in Atlanta. What are the chances of that??!?!?!?

Lakee: I remember that, why didn’t you ever call?

They knew then that their meeting was Divine Order – no one but God could orchestrate such a feat. Shamika knew that Lakee was either going to be her business partner, her husband, or both and she told her family that very night. With her love of food and cooking, she has always wanted to own a restaurant...She meets an Executive Chef. Fish is her favorite food...She can eat it every day of the week...She meets an Executive Chef with a mobile fish fry business. She met a man who was after her heart, who shared her philosophy on life, on relationships...he regurgitated everything she had ever said she wanted in a was as if God put a mirror in front of her. He sent her someone that she can build with, someone she can see as the head of her family...someone she loves and who definitely loves her back!

And now - here they are back in the ‘A’ as both husband and wife & business partners! They were married 4/29/12 – a year to the day of their meeting and now their passions have collided to start Chef La’s Fish Fry Seafood Grill & Catering. Isn’t God Good…All The Time!We hope you enjoyed our story and more importantly our food & service. Our goal is to provide fresh, hot, tasty food with consistency and a smile. Please like us on Facebook/cheflasfishfry and continue to follow our story to see where God takes us next!